Collection: Colour Jute Rope

Information & Specifications:

  • Material: Jute rope
  • Diameter: 6mm
  • Length: 7.5 lengths
  • Colors: Red, pink, black, or purple
  • Treatment: Singed, oiled, and softened
  • Ends: Overhand knots
  • Source: Ogawa (Japan) & Anatomie Rope

About Our Jute Ropes:

Indulge in a spectrum of colors with our carefully treated jute ropes. Sourced from the renowned Ogawa supplier in Japan, these ropes are a shibari enthusiast's delight, prized for their exceptional handling and feel.


Delivered in their raw state, each rope undergoes our hands-on treatment process to ensure a soft, ready-to-use quality. We treat them with utmost care, using only camellia and jojoba oils, making them a proud choice for vegans.

Personal Touch:

What sets these ropes apart is that they are the very same ones we use personally in our own tying practices. We treat them with the same dedication, offering you an authentic and intimate connection to the shibari art form.

Versatile Choices:

Indulge in the luxury of choice. Our jute ropes are available for individual purchase or in bundles, and for those seeking a burst of colour, all our rope kits are also offered with these vibrantly coloured ropes. Elevate your tying experience with the finest from Anatomie.