Collection: Rope Care

Taking Care of your Ropes, why do it?

While treating ropes may not be deemed necessary, at Anatomie, we believe it adds a touch of user-friendliness that both you and your partners will appreciate. 

Our "Rope Goo" is made of our personal blend of Beeswax and Camellia oils, ideal for travel and easy to use. With the consistency of a good quality lip-balm, it's designed to be massaged into the rope with a hand or cloth. This option is ideal give a bit of TLC to your already treated ropes.

Our "Rope Lube" is the preferred choice for the Vegan-conscious, made with our own blend of Jojoba and Camellia oils. This option is ideal when treating ropes from completely raw and is meant to be used with a microfibre cloth.

Personalised Treatment: The Anatomie Touch

The ropes we offer for sale undergo the same treatment process as our own personal ropes. We use the very products available in our collection, ensuring that each strand meets the high standards of user-friendliness and satisfaction.